Tiffany Welch: A Pioneer In Reviving Connection

Tiffany Welch, a seasoned family medicine expert, wife, and mother, saw a growing need in our society. In a world increasingly dominated by screens, she recognized the fading glow of face-to-face interaction and the simple pleasures of shared experiences. The Play Parlor is her answer to this modern challenge - a place where technology takes a back seat, and personal connections thrive.

More Than Just Games

Here, every board game, every card shuffle, and every laugh shared is a step towards rejuvenating our social and mental well-being. The Play Parlor isn't just about revisiting the games of our childhood; it's a sanctuary where all ages can escape the digital overload and rediscover the joy of being present. Our games are carefully selected to encourage interaction, strategic thinking, and most importantly, genuine connections.

A Community's Living Room

We see The Play Parlor as the living room of our community - a cozy, welcoming space where memories are made. Whether it's through our charity events, our engaging game tournaments, or our unique party spaces, we're dedicated to giving back and knitting the fabric of our community tighter.

Our community

We're not just passionate about board games and entertainment; we're deeply committed to our local Lawrenceville, Georgia community. Our roots run deep in this vibrant town, and we consider ourselves more than just a business – we're a part of the fabric of Lawrenceville life.

From participating in local events and supporting neighborhood initiatives to hosting charity gaming events and providing a space for friends and families to come together, we believe in giving back to the community that has embraced us. Lawrenceville's rich history, diverse culture, and warm hospitality have shaped who we are today. We're proud to call this community our home, and we're dedicated to making it an even better place for all.


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